Thursday, September 10, 2009

And the New American Idol Judge is.....

But don't really know what kind of music/vocal experience she has to judge singers... but oh well... she's really funny and can totally replace Paula (no offense Paula you still have a special place in.... rehab) but we will miss you.

They Do Exist reports on a story about faires!

Fairies who frolic at the bottom of gardens in New Addington, near Croydon in South London. Mrs Bacon, 55, said she was not even looking through the camera at the time she took the picture. Instead she simply clicked the button while holding it at arm's length out of the back door while chatting with relatives in her kitchen after dinner. Astonished by what she saw when she glimpsed at the picture, she has spent months seeking a rational explanation. But after scouring the internet for pictures of butterflies, moths and beetles that might match it, she has drawn a blank. 'I think it must be a fairy,' she said yesterday as she made the picture public for the first time.

'I used to like fairy stories as a child, but I can't claim to have ever seen one before or since,' she said.

Let Your Voices Be Heard

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has the chance to veto the Harvey Milk Day Bill as he did last year because of the pressure and outrage of the oppositing religious extremists. Harvey Milk Day would be May 22 dedicated to honor the slain gay rights hero. It would not make schools close for the holiday or celebrate the day in any way.

Voice you opinion to the governor! He needs to hear input from people who understand the significance of teaching about the legacy of Harvey Milk.

Register your opinion easily, with the automated voice machine below.

Governors Office: 916-445-2841
Press 1 for English, press 2 to voice your opinion, press 1 for the Harvey Milk bill, press 1 to show support for the bill.

Illegal... a Racist Word

Listen closely the the wording used...

Now listen to this which is ever worst...

Now for the reasoning behind this post...

Is it too much to ask that people not labels humans as "illegal" and especially not "aliens!" Let's stop the spread of racism and hate for other people.

Oh geez Kathleen...