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Gay Student dismissed from ROTC... for being Gay?!?

A gay George Washington University freshman has found himself at the center of the conflict over the federal “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy after being dismissed from the school’s Navy ROTC program. As a gay man, Belok said he understood how difficult it could be to conceal his homosexuality while serving in the armed forces. “I had done a report on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ in 12th grade,” he explained in an interview with The Hoya. “I knew what it meant to be gay in the military.”

Nonetheless, he planned to keep his sexual orientation under wraps for the time being. Last fall, however, Belok’s boyfriend visited him at GWU and the two attended a fraternity party where other NROTC members saw them together. “We kissed at the party,” he said. “I was surprised when my commanding officer called me about it a few weeks later.”

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Story Time...

I have plenty of great, really funny stories that from time to time I may be inclined to share with you.

Here is the first one (read it to the end because that's the good part)

I had randomly been picked up by this guy outside of a 24 hour burrito place after I had been out partying with my friend, Gloria, all night.
He was charming and kind of cute, older, big (like a football player), sexy... kinda. For the purpose of this story and anonymity sake we'll call him Mike.
Well, anyways, Gloria and I get convinced to go take our food to eat it back at his apartment, then I got charmed into staying the night. (I was young and naive).
Fast Forward about a month and a half or so
We had been hooking up on the regular, but after awhile I realized that he just wasn't for me. The poor guy, however, had taken a liking to me and wasn't so inclined on letting me go.

Enough with back ground info... here's the actual story

One day after he had been texting me all day asking me what I was going and that he want me to come over to hang out and we all know what that means in gay slang (now mind you I am a classy broad and don't just do that with anyone... hell who am I kidding). I finally agreed to go over for a little bit and making it explicitly clear that I was not going to sleep over. I text my roommate Jennie tell her I was going over to his place and would be home later.
I get to his place and we watch some tv, ate a pizza, chatted a little, the usual. I tried to get up and leave about five or six times and somehow he always had a reason for me to stay ... 5 minutes more... 10 minutes more... one more beer... the tv show is almost over... blah, blah, blah...
He kept dropping hints and making little comments indicating his desire for me to stay over. I say no every time he brings it up with every excuse I know.
"I have class in the morning"
"My place is closer to campus"
" I don't have any clothes here"
"I'll drive you to go get them"
"I to sleep in my bed"
"You know my bed is more comfortable"
... you get the idea

So finally after I am clean out of excuses. I cave. So I concocted an ultimatum. Knowing that he loves to sleep at his own place because he lives alone and has never stayed at my place (because I share a room with my roommate) I offered up a proposal.
"I am not gonna sleep here, but you can come over to my place if you want"
Thinking that I finally beat him at his own game he replies...
"Sure let me get my things" turns and goes to his room.
My jaw dropped. I was completely shocked. SHIT! what just happened?
I quickly reach for my phone to warn Jennie via text message.

Damn it Mike is coming over and I really don't want him to.

Now for the good part...

a rush of fear comes over my entire body. I whip out my phone again... TEXT MESSAGES (click) ... SENT MESSAGES (click).... last message SENT TO: MIKE

Oh Fuck!

I sent the message to him.

There I am sitting on his futon waiting for him to come out of his room with no escape route. I have really got myself into it this time. My mind is racing.
Can I just run? ... No
I'll erase the text message!.... he has his phone... shit
Can I lie? ... No

He walks into the living room
My eyes zoned in on the phone in his hand
"Uh... yeah"
I get up quickly and head for the door still waiting for the phone to let out a little chirp to sound triggering my inevitable doom.
He reaches for the door and opens it.

Do i just run out now?
Before I can decide...

Chirp Chirp

Shit I am screwed

"Did you text me?"
"Uh..." Lie just Lie ... "No"

He reads it. Right in front of me. Seriously just run!!
The look on his face will be forever ingrained in my mind. It was so indescribable but you could only imagine.

"What is this shit?!"
Plan dumb "What?"
"Who were you texting"
"No one..."
"Well then what's this?"
"I don't know..."

I could get my feet to move... so I say

"Well it's late I have to get to bed. Are you gonna come?
Did I really just ask him to come over AGAIN?!! hahaha
"Well not if you don't want me to"
"Ok well then good night"

My feet became unglued and I made a run for it. Just like that.
What just happend? Don't laugh he can still heat you. quick call Jennie.

One of the most embarrassing moments EVER.

But get this. I was thinking well I will never talk to him again. But again to my surprise later that weekend I get a call.

Ring. Ring. MIKE

In the ten minute conversation we had I some how convinced him that the whole thing was his fault for making me feel uncomfortable and pressured to sleep with him. So he apologized to me!!

And that is when I came to the realization that I would be able make it in this crazy Topsy-turvy gay boy world.

Hope you had fun :)
Until next time...

Friday, February 20, 2009

And the real Queen wins!!

Ryan Allen is George Mason University's Homecoming Queen:

"Allen, who is gay and performs as a popular drag queen at local clubs, assumed the title of Ms. Mason. He was wearing a green-and-gold bow, sewn for him by the theater department costume's shop, that was visible even from the cheap seats, a sequined top, a black skirt and heels. Ricky Malebranche, a junior from Woodbridge, was named Mr. Mason. Beyond the joyful tears and tiara, Allen's election exposed conflicting cultural currents at the sprawling campus in Fairfax County. Many see it as an expression of inclusiveness at a place where about one-third of the 30,000 students are minority. But others say i

t is an embarrassment at an inopportune time when Mason is trying to revamp its image from commuter school to distinguished institution of higher learning. Officially, the university is 'very comfortable with it. We're fine,' spokesman Daniel Walsch said. The school does not require participants in the Mr. and Ms. Mason pageant to compete along precise gender lines, he said."

Work That Tiara, Boy! [washington post]

High School prouction of RENT canceled because of Gay Content?

Really?! In California?

Corona del Mar High school principal, Fal Asrani, along with a teacher's union rep. decided to cancel the school planned production of RENT at their school because of the "adult content."

They Drama teacher express his disapproval of the decision stating that the principal has let the production of Street Car Named Desire be performed. He said the he had chosen RENT parly because of all the frequent homophibic slurs that he hears at the school by the students. I think that this is a absolutely ridiculous.

Here is the entire article

We might be in trouble...

LGBT Groups Face Uncertain Financial Times

About 35 LGBT leaders met in Washington, D.C., to discuss how they can conserve resources and still advance the movement in a down-turned economy.

posted February 20, 2009

Read any good books lately???

I think I might venture over to the public library this weekend and pick up a book.
Any suggestions??

So Funny...

need a little laugh... read this.... just another day in the life.

This is a story my roommate, Jennie, just posted on her blog.

What I am up against. Seriously.

Really?! It couldn't have been that bad...

Firefighters forced to participate in ‘gay pride’ parade win lawsuit

According to the Catholic News Agency
.- A California jury found on Tuesday that four firefighters, who were ordered by their superiors to participate in the city’s “gay pride” parade were sexually harassed, and awarded them monetary damages from the city.

The case dates back to July 2007 when four San Diego firefighters were informed by their superiors that they would be participating in San Diego’s annual “Gay Pride” parade. Though the four men protested, they were ordered to dress up in full uniform and ride on the fire engine along the parade route.

Read the rest here...
Do you think this is right??
I can't decide

Tyra Banks Showcases Self-Loathing Gays

Let me start by saying I love TYRA!! I can watch ANTM anytime, anyplace... BUT homegirl has the most absurd episodes regarding gay men on her Tyra Banks show. The first one I saw was the one about "Five ways to test to see if your man is gay." The tests where things like if your ring finger is longer than your pointer finger, or if your hair wheel on your head went in a certain direction than you were gay. It was absolutely ridiculous. AND NOW she has done it again with this one... take a look.

For more on the show click here

What the hell... I worked my ass for them

Urban Outfitters Yanks Same-Sex Marriage T-shirt From Shelves

I want this shirt!! Anyone know where I could get one they don't even have them online anymore.

The OSCARS are coming!!

February 22, 2009

You think you know?!
Post your Answers

Gay Oscar Trivia

1. How many times has Philip Seymour Hoffman played a gay character?
a. Once
b. Twice
c. Three times
d. Five times

2. Dennis Quaid played gay in which Oscar-nominated film?
a. “Traffic”
b. “Dinner With Friends”
c. “Far From Heaven”
d. “Something to Talk About”

3. Cher played a lesbian in which Oscar-nominated film?
a. “Tea with Mussolini”
b. “Come Back to the Five and Dime,
Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean”
c. “Mermaids”
d. “Silkwood”

4. Which gay actor received a
Best Actor nomination in 1985?

a. Ian McKellan
b. Tom Hulce
c. Rock Hudson
d. Rupert Everett

5. Who played Greg Kinnear’s boyfriend/friend in the Oscar-
nominated film “As Good As It Gets”?

a. Jude Law
b. Matthew McConaughey
c. Philip Seymour Hoffman
d. Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Missed Connection...

There are two actually,

The First:
So I was out last night at my first TNG event at Solly's. It was cute you had to put a name tag on so that you could meet new people. And I did meet a couple guys who were pretty interesting. There was one guy who I was making eyes with all night. He was talking to one of guy that I had met (and I think went home with him, but I am not positive on that). But on my way back from the little girl's room I bumped into him and he introduced himself.
He was leaving and asked me if I had a facebook and I said "yes".
He asked if I was friends with the guy who runs TNG and I said "no".
He was like "well then I guess I should give my number."
I agreed. But then he hesitated and was like actually just find me on facebook.
And I was like "how??"
He shrugged and was just like "Well I guess I just see you around..." and left.
So what to do??

The second:
Was on the bus this morning and there was a cute boy with great hair. I am pretty sure he was discreetly looking over in my direction. Hopefully I will see him again at the U st. & 16th Bus stop. :)

Friday's Musical Number

So every Friday morning (as long as I remember and not too hung over from the night before) I will post a Musical video just to brighten up your day and ease you into the weekend.

This one is for Tyrone :)


Gay Word of the Day

effie: an effeminate boy or man; the stereotype effeminate homosexual. Many of the synonyms for effeminate are largely heterosexual in origin. Synonyms: Angelina; bender; bentwrist; birdie; birl; bitch; bunter; buttercup; butterfly; butterfly boy; camp bitch; chirujo; cissy; sissy; cooch; coolie; cot betty; cow; cupcake; daffodilly; dainties dandy; darling; duchess; duck; gay as a goose; fag; fairy; fay; feigele; fagola; fellow; femme; filly; finicchioi; Finn's place names; fish queen; flame; flame artist; flame thrower; flamer; flaming bitch; flaming faggot; flaming lady; flaming queen; flapping fag; flicker; flit; flossy one; flower; flutterer: flying faggot; freak; freak of nature; fruit; fruitcake; fu; fuff; fluff; gay girl; giddy woman; girl; glitter girl; hair fairy; lacy lad; laddie; lily; lily white; limpwrist; lisper; little dear; loca; maricon; maripose; mavis; milksop; milquetoast; min; mince; mince meat; mintie; hint of mint; miss boy; mollycoddle; mama's boy; muffie; mujerado; nance; nancy boy; nelly; neon-sign; neon-carrier; niceling; nicht; painted willy; pansy; panz; papaout; patapouf; pato; pee willy; Percy; perthy; petal; pix; fairy; pood; poof; poofter; pouf; powder puff; punta; queen; queenie; quin; quince; red lip; red one; screamer; screaming-bitch; screaming-faggot; screaming-fairy; screaming-mimi; screaming-queen; screecher; sis; sissy; sissy-queen; sister boy; Squeaking fag; squealer; sugar sweet; sweet boy; sweetheart; sweetie; sweet William; swish swisher; tapette; tauatane; tender lily; tit-face; toots; torch; tripper; triss; tweener; twinkle-toes; twit; twixter; uffimay; waffle; whoopsie boy; Willy; winny; yoo-hoo boy; whoopsie boy.

What a Bastard!

Photo of Rihanna Shortly After Chris Brown Beating Leaked to TMZ

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Robo-Trippers BEWARE...

So CVS is cracking down on all you underage cough medicine junkies. This little piece of paper might detour that person you sent into CVS to buy you your fix. Just an FYI you might have to be a little more clever.

Crazy Nude Body Paint Artists: Obama & the Pope?!?

I don't really get the connection but it is still really freakin cool what they do. Take a look...

You Better Work...

(snap, snap, snap in Z formation)

If you have not already done so you should definitely start watching RuPaul's Drag Race on Logo. It is the best thing to hit TV since Cher's HBO Concert Special. I will keep you all updated on my thoughts and predictions...

But let me know what your thoughts are.

Contact the NY Post About Racist Cartoon!

Contact the NY Post About Racist Cartoon!

If you haven't heard about this obviously racist cartoon regarding the Obama and the Stimulus plan you should really get out of under that rock you're living under.

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Wanna get FIRED from you JOB?!?

This one goes out to Hannah with my apologies for getting you hooked... love ya!

Try this one out at work it is so addicting (especially during midterms, finals, and when you are bored at work)


Quote of the Day

Which actually occurred last night but I thought was really clever so I am cheating and using it today...

I am not a snob... I am a Diva, there is a difference.
A snob knows what they are talking about and a Diva doesn't need to...
- Me :)

Gay Word of the Day

Handbag: [Noun] handsome young gay men who hang around drag queens

this girl is giving me a run for my money

Homegirl is repin for all the kids on the playground. If this doesn't brighten up your day I don't know what will.

Girl go on with yo bad self...

Calif. legislature on way to condemning Prop 8

Calif. legislature on way to condemning Prop 8

(Sacramento, California) Two weeks before the California Supreme Court will hear a challenge to Proposition 8, the legislature is moving to condemn the voter- approved measure which bans same-sex marriage in the state.

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Tonight Drink Specials and happenings...

Cobalt/ 30Degrees
Buy1 Get one FREE Happy Hour 5-9pm, $1 Drinks 9-11pm Best Package Contest with Lena Lett; $200 1st prize!!

Happy Hour 5-9pm; 2 for 1 on ALL drinks!

Power Hour Half price specials 8-9pm; $3 Vodka Drinks, $2 Jr's Ale and Bud Ice Draft

Phase 1
Karaoke at 7pm, DJ LS or Drag King Host; 21+ NO COVER

1824 Half St. SW All-Male Nude Dancers. Cover

for more drinks special and happening near you visit

Things to Think about… The Weekend Debauchery 2/19-2/22

Tonight at Solly's will be the My Dear Disco Party. An Ann-Arbor based band featuring a Queer lady-singer!
Where: Solly's (Upstairs) 1942 11th St. NW

When: 8:00pm- 11:55pm

EPIC DC's Qweer Qwiz Night!
Where: BeBar

When: Friday, 2/20 8pm

21+ $10 to benefit Capitol Queer Prom

Homo/Sonic This Saturday!! The usual dancing mayhem
Where: Black Cat Main stage 1811 14th St. NW

When: Sat, 2/21 9:30pm

All Ages $10

MIXTAPE+TAINT= "MIX-TAINT" two of your favorite alt-queer dance party combine!
Where: DC9 1940 9th St. NW

When: Sat. 2/21 9:00pm-3:00am

21+ $5

OUT side your Bedroom Window

So I want to start something on here and see if anyone responds. What is outside your bedroom window?? I want to see it whether it is the gorgeous Santa Barbara beaches or the dumpster behind your house. Your wonderful picture will end up on this blog. Send them to via email.

So to start things off here is what is OUT side my bedroom window. Cute huh. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Quote of the Day"

"if you have to be in a meeting with someone, they might as well be pretty"
- Danny Baker

And a Drag Queen is Born

So I was back in at my old campus, UC-Santa Barbara, this past weekend for the Western Regional LGBTQIA conference (which was great!). I ran into an old friend that I had done a performance with when I was in college. He is a pursuing a career in scenic and costume design. His name is Bayardo Ortiz (make a note of that he will be famous one day). Well he has a website up that displayes his work and who happens to be on it, well none other than yours truely. Check out the website it is pretty cool.

Here is the link bayardodesigns.synthasite.

Young Folks Winning Elected Office in Modern Ways

So I work for a non-profit that helps get openly LGBT folks elected to political office so posts like these will be poppin up from time to time.

This young gentleman is 21 years old and got elected by only 22 write-in votes!!

Read on...

Filed by: Guest
February 18, 2009 10:00 AM

Editors' Note: Guest blogger Nick Shalosky is Secretary of the South Carolina Stonewall Democrats. He is the first openly-gay elected official in South Carolina. At the age of 21, Shalosky was elected with 22 votes to the Charleston County District 20 Constituent School Board with a write-in campaign primarily organized through Facebook. He is a junior at the College of Charleston.

nickshaloskystonewalldemocrats.jpgIf you're on Facebook, I'm going to take a shot and guess that you've recently been tagged in a note titled "25 Things You May Not Know About Me."

Its a pretty safe guess. Whether you're reading about the time your cousin broke her arm at Bible camp, or your best friend's inability to digest dairy, you've probably seen some version of that note pop up on your Facebook page. The "25 Things" thing attempts to inform a person's friends about 25 items they might not have previously have known about them. Its popularity has made it the most prolific sensation since the Snuggie (the as-seen-on-tv blanket "with sleeves!"). Its everywhere.

Instead of bombarding you with the other 25 items, here's one thing you may not know about me: unlike the Snuggie, I've found a practical use for Facebook. It got me elected.

Read full article at

I'm a Bagel on a Plate full of Onion Rolls...

"I am so glad I know you"

This was just said to me as I began to write my first post on my brand new blog. I am in no way trying to sound arrogant, but just trying to show that people find me some what interesting or at least mildly amusing.

So the reason for this blog is simple I need somewhere to share my random thoughts and things I find interesting with the world. This blog will be a little bit all over the map when it comes to what will be posted to it will mostly be really QUEER. If you recognize where the Blog title comes from then you know that I am a big queen and absolutely love musicals. If you don't know where it's from then watch this...

Funny Girl- I'm the Greatest Star

I will have another post coming shortly with a little back ground on me. Till then. Love yourself!!