Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Young Folks Winning Elected Office in Modern Ways

So I work for a non-profit that helps get openly LGBT folks elected to political office so posts like these will be poppin up from time to time.

This young gentleman is 21 years old and got elected by only 22 write-in votes!!

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February 18, 2009 10:00 AM

Editors' Note: Guest blogger Nick Shalosky is Secretary of the South Carolina Stonewall Democrats. He is the first openly-gay elected official in South Carolina. At the age of 21, Shalosky was elected with 22 votes to the Charleston County District 20 Constituent School Board with a write-in campaign primarily organized through Facebook. He is a junior at the College of Charleston.

nickshaloskystonewalldemocrats.jpgIf you're on Facebook, I'm going to take a shot and guess that you've recently been tagged in a note titled "25 Things You May Not Know About Me."

Its a pretty safe guess. Whether you're reading about the time your cousin broke her arm at Bible camp, or your best friend's inability to digest dairy, you've probably seen some version of that note pop up on your Facebook page. The "25 Things" thing attempts to inform a person's friends about 25 items they might not have previously have known about them. Its popularity has made it the most prolific sensation since the Snuggie (the as-seen-on-tv blanket "with sleeves!"). Its everywhere.

Instead of bombarding you with the other 25 items, here's one thing you may not know about me: unlike the Snuggie, I've found a practical use for Facebook. It got me elected.

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