Friday, February 20, 2009

Missed Connection...

There are two actually,

The First:
So I was out last night at my first TNG event at Solly's. It was cute you had to put a name tag on so that you could meet new people. And I did meet a couple guys who were pretty interesting. There was one guy who I was making eyes with all night. He was talking to one of guy that I had met (and I think went home with him, but I am not positive on that). But on my way back from the little girl's room I bumped into him and he introduced himself.
He was leaving and asked me if I had a facebook and I said "yes".
He asked if I was friends with the guy who runs TNG and I said "no".
He was like "well then I guess I should give my number."
I agreed. But then he hesitated and was like actually just find me on facebook.
And I was like "how??"
He shrugged and was just like "Well I guess I just see you around..." and left.
So what to do??

The second:
Was on the bus this morning and there was a cute boy with great hair. I am pretty sure he was discreetly looking over in my direction. Hopefully I will see him again at the U st. & 16th Bus stop. :)

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