Friday, February 20, 2009

The OSCARS are coming!!

February 22, 2009

You think you know?!
Post your Answers

Gay Oscar Trivia

1. How many times has Philip Seymour Hoffman played a gay character?
a. Once
b. Twice
c. Three times
d. Five times

2. Dennis Quaid played gay in which Oscar-nominated film?
a. “Traffic”
b. “Dinner With Friends”
c. “Far From Heaven”
d. “Something to Talk About”

3. Cher played a lesbian in which Oscar-nominated film?
a. “Tea with Mussolini”
b. “Come Back to the Five and Dime,
Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean”
c. “Mermaids”
d. “Silkwood”

4. Which gay actor received a
Best Actor nomination in 1985?

a. Ian McKellan
b. Tom Hulce
c. Rock Hudson
d. Rupert Everett

5. Who played Greg Kinnear’s boyfriend/friend in the Oscar-
nominated film “As Good As It Gets”?

a. Jude Law
b. Matthew McConaughey
c. Philip Seymour Hoffman
d. Cuba Gooding, Jr.


  1. its way too hard to read such small white font on the black background.


    i wanted to play but its too hard to squint at

  2. Thanks for the comment Sorry about that. Is this better?