Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thanks eHarmony... not

So the new "gay-specific" site from the creators of finally debuted yesterday and is now up and running.

Queerty reports:
Vehemently heterosexual dating site eHarmony never intended to let gay couples use its profile matching algorithms to find love, but New Jersey's attorney general made the decision for them: Either launch a gay-friendly site or face an anti-discrimination suit. And so the site, founded in 2000 by shrink Neil Clark Warren (yes, the guy in all the eHarmony ads) and proud sponsor of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's very gay unions, today launches its same-sex off-shoot: Compatible Partners.
Now what I do not understand is why this site was need in the first place. I get the whole discrimination issue, but are we so desperate to find "true love" and fit in to this heterosexual society that we will now PAY a anti-gay company to do something that everyone is capable of doing for themselves?!! Geez homos go out and engage in the world (or at least you the sites that we already have and are pro-gay).

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  1. eHarmony sucks. I totally filled out their free personality profile and I got the "We're sorry but we are unable to match you at this time" bullshit.
    basically... i'm too fucked up for eHarmony.