Monday, March 16, 2009

Discrimination or Safety? Another strike in Orange County

Now growing up on the border of LA and Orange County in California I personally know the distinct differences between the two. Although I live in Whittier, which is in LA County, I often was in Brea, La Habra, and other parts of Orange County because there was better shopping. So I know the area very well. Orange County is much more conservative, wealthier, and white.

Now during the time that I was living there I was not "out" and did not know what the gay scene was like. However, it's been about five years since I have been there and even after Prop. 8 and the still recurring events following it there are still anti-gay events occurring.

This is the latest one.

There was a "gay night" event at the Lucky Strike, a block of Orange bowling alley, that is a recurring event. Apparently, the event was getting "out of control" and police had to come and break it up. By out of control they meant "too well attended." They accused the promoters of turning the bowling alley into a suedo-nightclub. Well DUH! We turn every place we go to into a night club. Seriously though, for underage LGBT youth there is no other place to go to find community and not the police have taken this place away from them. The event planners claimed discrimination, and the police claimed "safety."

Read for yourself. What do you think?

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