Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teacher fired for Lamamie Project?!

I cannot believe that this is still happening. Teachers getting fired for trying to impart understanding and tolerance on their students for people who are different from themselves. Shouldn't she have gotten an award for making the world a better place!? You can Call/Email the Superintendent Ed Turlington and tell him how inappropriate and unjust these actions are. His contact info is listed at the bottom.

Queers United reports:

Grandfield High School's Debra Taylor the school’s Ethics and Street Law class teacher has been fired over controversy surrounding the showing of gay-themed film The Laramie Project. The movie is about Matthew Shepard's murder and the teacher wanted to facilitate discussion and promote tolerance after initial approval by the schools principal.

After the school principal reneged on his decision and Superintendent Ed Turlington told Ms. Taylor she could no longer show the film due to its subject matter, the teacher held a mock funeral in a nearby park where students could write down their thoughts and release them into balloons to develop a sense of closure on the topic.

The district says she was suspended and then fired by the board for her actions in the park, but others believe it is due to the nature of the play.

Superintendent Ed Turlington can be contacted at:


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