Monday, April 13, 2009 ...

So this is a great story.

National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is the organization that put out that ridiculous children-of-the-corn-esque commercial "A Storm is Coming." Which has been ridiculed on national television because of the actors used in the commercial. The head of NOM Maggie Gallagher had announced the launch of the anti-LGBT campaign "2 Million 4 Marraige" (2M4M) to counter the recent LGBT Victories for marrige equality. Now first off, any homo in thier right mind would have changed that campaign name faster than dorothy could click her heels. Second, and here comes the funny part, is make sure that before you launch a national campaign you have all your chickens in a row. Apparently, a man watched the press release of this new campaign 2M4M and did a quick google search for the website and realized that it was not taken yet... and so he took it. Not only did he steal their website he changed 2 Million for Marriage into 2 Men 4 Marriage. The site is still very new and he is getting in up a running but you should check it out. I have to say the NOM is having the best week ever!! HAHA

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