Friday, March 13, 2009

The Ex-Gay Agenda

be careful they may be coming after you.

Lambert Dolphin, an ex-gay who now tries to provide scientific evidence to support claims in the bible, has began targeting young gay boys... to turn them straight?? yeah right. Any old queen "targeting" young gay boys to "support" them definitely has ulterior motivates.

Apparently, Dolphin frequently visit the gay social network site, D-List (and by frequent I meant like more time a day than I visit facebook, which is a ridiculous amount already). He befriends younger members, usually under 25, and sends them messages stating "Just wanted to let you know that I'd be here for you if you ever needed support." His profile speaks about who he is and what he does and the need for everyone to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. And if you dive a little further and visit his actual website Lambert Dolphin's Library you will find all of his ex-gay writings.

Now I think it's funny that everyone thinks that the "gay agenda" is the turn the world gay. Into one huge pink boa wearing, mama mia dancing, Cher loving, disco ball party (which I would not protest). But I am pretty sure that there are not LGBT folks going on to "straight" social-networking sites and sending message to heterosexuals saying "Just wanted to let you know that I'd be here for you if you ever needed support," I hopes to turn them gay. (Although, that's not that bad of any idea.)

So just be careful out there (you might get conned into being straight!!)

Here's the full story.

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