Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Not in My Shower" a Campaign against Transgender Rights

Not this is truly absurd.
There is a bill in going through the Maryland legislature that will prohibit discrimination based on gender identity in employment, housing, and public accommodations.
Well apparently the conservative, public showering, have nothing better to do members of the Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government have started the "Not in My Shower" campaign to oppose this legislation. Dr. Ruth Jacobs, head of the MCRG, claims that the real intent of this law is: “to give special rights to men who want to dress like women- allowing them access to women’s restrooms and [gasp] public showers."
Now I understand her concern, but let's compare. Is ensuring that people who choose to clean themselves in public showers feel comfortable more important than stopping the discrimination in employment and housing for a community of people?!

Amanda Hess from The Sexist has a great argument:

Let’s pause here for a second. Who do you think is put at the most risk by the shower situation, REALLY?

- Those women and girls who were born male, identify clearly as female, and and are currently being forced to shower alongside groups of dudes who think they look feminine enough to harrass;

- Whining Republican ladies who surreptitiously inspect other women’s genitals in the gym shower to make sure the other ladies’ vaginas are vagina-looking enough to shower alongside them;

- Us all, who must endure lengthy discussions about who may access public showers that, strangely enough, nobody was clamoring to access before. If you’re so scared of being naked in public, wear a bathing suit for Christ’s sake.

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