Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Saws in your Vagina!!

Or any other parts for that matter. I just came across this story and it is quite bizarre. Apparently, a man thought that I would be a good idea to put a dildo onto a power hand saw and then stick it into his girlfriend. Now I get that the intentions of the guy were very sweet. He was only thinking of pleasing his girl because made his hips cannot move as fast as a saw. However, he must be a complete idiot!! Who in there right mind would put and actual saw into a woman vagina?!
So the story goes that the saw cut through the dildo (now who would have thought that would happen) and then continued into the woman. The guy called 911 and explained the situation and she was air lifted to a near by hospitals.

Now I would also assume that putting something like this in any other openings in a person's body is also not very smart. SO DON'T DO IT!! There are sex toys made for this exact purpose (pictured), please so not try making them at home.

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