Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Drag Race... opinions and thoughts

So I finally sat down on saturday night before I went out to catch up on my Drag Race. I absolutely love this show. It is everything I have ever wanted and more. Big hair, over the top dresses, heels that only a queen could walk in, and of course Lip Syncing for your life. So thanks to logo online I can watch the episodes online whenever I want. Now I know there was a new episode last night and I plan on watching that tonight. But here are my thoughts till now.

I love, love, love Rebecca Glascock, Jade, Shannel and Bebe Zahara Benet really pulled it out in last weeks episode. Nina Flowers has great costumes and make up but I am kinda indifferent about her.
I do not really like Ongina (boy in a dress) and can't stand Akashia.
Now can the lip syncing elimnations be any more dramatic?!
This is the clip from episode 2 where Tammy Brown (I really liked her quirkiness), and Akashia (who I wish went home) battle it out to Kelly Rowland's Breaking the Dawn (which I kinda liked). But really Kelly did Akashia's performance really deserve your tears... I don't think so, but judge for yourself.

Now if a performance deserved some tears it was this one. The poor girls head piece falls off mid song. That is a Drag Queens worst nightmare, but Shannel is a classy broad and definitely pulled it off and sent Akashia home. Whitney's The Greatest Love of All is a great song too. Check it out.

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