Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Palmer Reader

So I feel inclined to share these random encounters that I have been having with Ms. Brothers. She is an older I want to say Armenian woman (very gypsy like which I think gives her more creditability) who does palm reading, tarot cards, psychic stuff. Her little shop happens to be right around the corner from my office building.

So the first time I came in contact with her was over a month ago when I was on my way to go get lunch. She was across the street sitting in a chair outside on the sidewalk. As I was walking I glance up and looked across the street. She had been looking at me because we made eye contact and she summonsed me over to her. I put my hand in the air gesturing that I was late getting somewhere then smile and went on my way.

The second time I crossed paths with her was the week of valentines before my trip to Santa Barbara. I was doing a bank run for the office and on my way back there she was sitting in her chair on the side walk again. This time I was on the same side of the sidewalk as she was. As I passed her (trying not to make eye contact) I couldn't help but look up and again made eye contact. She gestured toward me and said "come here, sit."
"I don't have any money, sorry. I left my wallet in the office." Which was true and so I tried to leave. Then she called to me, " that's ok... I feel something, sit."
So I do.

"I trust you. You bring it to me later. $5" (in her gypsy psychic voice).
This whole time I am thinking is she for real or is she just some old lady from like Brooklyn who when she I walk away really speaks with a New York accent. But I don't say anything and just nod.
"Let me see you palm." I give it to her.
"You want to know about your love life and your career" Right me and everyone else lady. Good job.
"You are done with all of these short relationships that don't last long, you want something more. You are ready for something real." uh..huh...
"You are interested in a woma... (before she even finishes the word woman she stops and corrects her self) a man." I am not giving you that one either because a one-eyed parrot could see my gay ass a mile away.
"Right" I say.
"I see two men. One is here and one is far away. Where is he?" I don't know you tell me isn't that your job. "Uhh..." I mutter.
"Where are you from?"
"Yes. That is it." Great I just gave her the answer.
"You will find the right one. He is coming. You will have a good valentines day. I will give you good luck for valentines day. Give me $100 and I will light you a candle for good luck this valentines day."
" Sorry lady, I do not have $100 to give you."
"Ok. How about $20" wow that dropped really quickly.
" I will see what I have in my wallet. Will you be here I have to go get it."
"Yes, yes. Come back here." So I leave.
I did end up returning to give her the money but she wasn't there anymore.
Anyways, I told myself that if anything did happen on Valentines day I would make sure to go back and pay her the $5. And to my surprise V-Day was not all that bad. It was actually quite enjoyable and there was a man or two in my life that night.

The third run in we had just happen earlier today as I was walking out of my office building on my way to the post office. I walked out the front doors and there she was passing by the front of my office. She made eye contact with me once again and smile. She waved me to her. "I know you. You were suppose to come back to me"
"I did," I explain, "but you were not there." So I took out my wallet and gave her the $5.
"Let me see you hand."
" I don't have anymore money."
"That's ok let me see it." I obeyed and took off my glove showing her my palm.
"You had a good valentines day didn't you?"
I smiled, "Yes."
"I told you. Where were you?"
"But you are still not with him, no?"
"I see a name. His name is Michael." She closed my hand and nodded her head and left.
Now what the hell am I suppose to do with that. His name is Michael. Great. Well where is he? When will I meet him?? IS HE CUTE?? come on!! Give me something?!?
Well I have a name. So if you know of any Michaels send them my way.

Till next time in the words of RuPaul "how you gonna love someone else until you learn to love yourself!" ... word.

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