Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh Dad... you're a funny one

So last night I was so exhausted that I as soon as I got home I hopped into bed to take a nap and then just didn't wake up until this morning. Well while I was asleep my dad sent me a text message (which is this new great thing he figured out how to do with his phone and prefers if over actually calling his son and hearing his voice).
But he texts "hey did you forget that you have a dad?" Because I haven't talked to him in like a week. oops.
Well I did not read until I woke up this morning. So I respond while on the bus on the way to work.
"Sorry this week has been kind of hectic. I got home yesterday and slept all night. How is everything?"

This is what I get back and will give you an idea of the relationship me and my father have. No "everythings fine how are you?" or "great. what's new with you?"
Nope, I get...
"Ok im getting ready to t-off i will text you back in 3 hour love you."

Thanks dad, love you too.

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